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Website Design in Dalton, GA

Web Design

Edgepoint Web Design located in Dalton, GA and Chattanooga, TN not only builds elegant and beautiful websites but our web designs will convert your visitors into paying customers or clients.
Website Design in Chattanooga, TN

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Expand your business by getting an E-Commerce site.If your business is only based in a brick or mortar location, you’re missing out! An E-Commerce site will allow you to reach out to customers from beyond your local area.



Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential requirement for any business. Its not enough to just have a website anymore. A website without SEO is like a cell phone without signal. Your site will not be found and you will lose precious business.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media is an essential ingredient in your online marketing success. Edgepoint can craft a strong social media marketing plan for your business. In addition, Edgepoint offers monthly management of your social media putting it on auto-pilot.

Website Design in Dalton, GA

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps help to increase brand loyalty and build a stronger customer base. Edgepoint has experience mobile app developers who will help you create the perfect I-Pad, I-Phone, and Droid for your business.
Website Design in Chattanooga, TN

E-Commerce Websites

Pay Per Click

Pay per click marketing offers immediate top google rankings. Customers will see your ads at the top of the Google rankings within minutes of the launch of your pay per click campaign


Graphic Design

Edgepoint Design has a talented Graphic Design team. Our designers stay current with the latest trends and developments. Our team can design business cards, letterheads, logos, graphics, and more.

Social Media Management

Pre Built Website

Edgepoint has several pre-built sites that we are ready to sell. These sites are set up and ready to go. Once you purchase there is no weeks of waiting. You will have access to your site within 1 business day.

Project Portfolio

  • true-temp

    True Temp AC is one of the leading heat and air companies in the area. For a local hometown heat and installer check out True Temp AC....Read more

  • sanna-hayes

    Sanna Haynes is an actress. She runs an amazing blog which you can find by viewing her site. She is a very talented actress who takes pride in her work and in educating others in her field. ...Read more

  • greater-dalton

    This website was built for the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce. This site is a customized wordpress site with a number of plugins and customized features....Read more

  • emery-center

    The Emery Center is an African American Heritage Center. The Emery Center chronicles the history of African Americans in the Dalton, GA area. The Emery Center is located on the corner of Pentz and Emery St. ...Read more

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  • Google Contests European Court on Freedom of Expression

    Date posted: September 25, 2013

    Google Contests European Court on Freedom of Expression

    Google has a fight on its hands against Spanish authorities involved in data protection. This is with regards the order of the Spanish Data Protection Authority to search engines to check search results linking to legal contents from Spanish government sites and newspapers. William Echikson, Google’s Head of Free Expression for Europe, Middle East and America writes a post on Google’s Europe blog that discusses the iss...Read more

  • Amazon buys Goodreads

    Date posted:

    Amazon buys Goodreads

    Last Thursday, Amazon.com revealed that it is acquiring Goodreads, the website of book lovers. This will give Kindle tablet an advantage over its electronic reader competitors. Goodreads is the best website for discovering and sharing books and book recommendations. It would be a perfect complement to the reviews found on the digital titles’ online shop of Amazon.com. Since it was launched in 2007, the book lovers’ website now prides itself with 30,0...Read more

  • US Lawmakers Express Concerns Over Privacy Issue of Google Glass

    Date posted: May 25, 2013

    US Lawmakers Express Concerns Over Privacy Issue of Google Glass

    Eight members of the Privacy Caucus of the US Congress queried Google over the privacy effect and potential abuse of the Google Glass, an Internet-related eyewear. The letter sent to Google had Representatives Joe Barton, Loretta Sanchez, Bobby Rush, Richard Nugent, Walter Jones, Henry Johnson, Steve Chabot, and John Barrow as signatories. The questions zeroed in on the new technology’s possible infringement on ...Read more

  • Facebook Unveils New News Feed Design

    Date posted: May 22, 2013

    Facebook Unveils New News Feed Design

    For FB users who love to post photos, music and other images, the new news feed design of Facebook is going to be a hit. The new design puts more emphasis on things that FB users enjoy. Images, music, and photos will have designated spots in the user’s news feed. When you open your news feed, it will materialize in the upper right hand corner of the page. Feeds will be arranged according to the importance of the feeds to you. Feeds that y...Read more